5 months later…


I have no excuses for not writing on my blog over the summer other than it was summer and summer can be distracting even without the sun. So it is now officially Autumn as the heating came on today and on my walk this morning I even felt the chill on my fingers that made me think ‘gloves!’

Work wise, things are developing…I have been working on two projects and despite neglecting my writing, I have not neglected my sewing. A couple of weeks ago I went to Portland, Oregon where I found lots of beautiful wools or yarns, filled a suitcase with really bright organza, and visited some excellent exhibitions. I came across an artist called ‘Wolf Kahn’ whose book I found in a bookshop. He is described as a ‘colourist’ which weirdly I hadn’t heard of before (you’d think that would have come up at some point in my art career! Must have missed that lesson…) Anyway the definition of a colourist is “Colourist painting is characterised by the use of intense colour, which becomes the dominant feature of the resultant work of art, more important than its other qualities.” (from here). I quite like that description.

Wolf Kahn.

One of my projects is my ongoing ‘Walking Stitch’ project. I am walking The Solent Way (in stages) and making pieces based on my walk. Here are a few pieces I have been working on. They are not finished just yet.

I think I am changing direction and going slightly bolder with the colours and composition. Layering the felt is interesting and using organza to create quite lush and interesting shapes along the edges is fascinating me at the moment. The other project I am working on is related to the news but this will have to wait as I need to take more photos and I’ll be setting up a separate blog for it. I will try not to leave it so long next time.