18th May

Time to get started on some little sample designs and for this I use scraps of paper, cut up paintings and collages and scraps of prefelt and fabric.

I was unable to spend the day on my art yesterday so this morning I am raring to go…but thought I would post a couple of pictures of up of what I have done so far this morning…back later…

Hello again! I have been quite the busy little artist today and have come to conclusion that I am: impatient to complete work; easily distracted by other colours and ideas; and have lots of pictures in my head that I want to create (and all today if possible!).

I have recently started making and using design boards instead of putting all of bits and pieces into a sketchbook. I love sketchbooks but find that I don’t like to close my ideas away in them so the design boards work well as I pin them up on the studio wall and move them around if I need to.

This is a design board that I have been working on today, but as usual it is not related to the particular area of The Solent Way that I was supposed to be looking at, but instead lends itself to the Hythe and Fawley area of the walk. The Solent Way is a 60 mile walk that I am doing (gradually at my leisure!) and basing my current work on. The fact that I got distracted is fine – I think all the images in my head are mixed into one at the moment so all I am doing is letting them out in the order they want to!

I have also been working on the large blue and yellow piece that I made a couple of weeks ago. I decided to cut it up in the end as the smaller sections have simpler compositions and more space in them. Here is what I have been working on so far. I realised that I haven’t machine stitched onto felt for ages as I have been hand stitching instead. I was a little bit hesitant getting started and have been quite minimal with the stitch but didn’t want to overdo it.