Painting with Felt

A few weeks ago I walked along the Solent Way between Milford-on-Sea and Lymington. It is such a beautiful area but it was so windy (it was the day before we had the lovely hot sunny weather last month). When I got back, I wanted to capture the energy of the wind and decided to get my oil paints out. This was my interpretation of my windy walk and I am now working with felt to capture the same colours and movement. I find that if I paint first, I get the colours right whereas if I go straight into felting I exaggerate the colours because the dyed wool is so deliciously bright. This can work well but I wanted to make this work more realistic to the experience.

I am quite pleased with the fluidity of this piece although still need to practice painting depth. Yellow is a favourite colour in my work at the moment and mixing it with grey is helpful to get the different tones. From this painting I made a piece of felt, using the colours but without trying to replicate it. Looking at them both together now I see that I need more shades of green in the felt and less of the blue. I also think that I have added too much into the felt and my next piece will be simpler.

I find that by taking photos of compositions within the piece gives me further ideas. I like the simplicity in this composition.