Permission to Play

Sometimes I wish it would stay wet – I like the shine!

I have been thinking about creativity and playfulness whilst I have been felting this morning. Do you remember as a child that feeling of being completely wrapped up in play? The scratchy feeling of the (pink) carpet on your skin, Barbie clothes and tiny shoes everywhere as Ken swiftly comes to rescue Barbie from impending doom…? Nothing else mattered apart from the story; teatime, bath time, bed time were all just interruptions to playtime. I get this feeling in the garden at the moment – food can wait, the hours feel like minutes and I am a very happy bunny when in the garden! However I do actually have to do some work as well and can just as easily get absorbed in making felt and stitching but I find that I have to give myself permission to play and allow myself to take risks and make mistakes. It’s ok – I tell myself as I cut up my felt again and piece it back together!